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Name:Joe Ryuu Love
Hi. I'm gonna go to high school, though not normal high school; just long distance. Know many kids consider that better, I was actually kinda hoping to go... Though this has the advantage of more time to watch japanese stuffs or learn or project.
The notable downside is it'll cost me cca 103 USD a month and I have 193 coming in for that, so yeah, it's actually impossible. Parents pay for the food, not the food I need, let alone my pills. I mean, I want to finally get some CDs and geeky items. But, well... I'll find a doable compromise.
I'm a dragon gemini. Chaotic Good? INTx, blood type A, and obviously not very concerned with precision nowadays.
Not just because of wallet stunts and haggling without lie I am ALWAYS hungry. - I'm actually an extremely picky eater, sensitive to food and have a real speedy metabolism. So it's more like I just got used to it. Ever since I'm not on boarding school on a stipend with the canteen, cooking classes and cooking club... And after getting more demanding for fuel. So yes.
Kind of unexpectedly I own a greater closet than anyone I know, and I mingle with congoers, at side hostesses, previously lolis, rich kids and drama club. That probably says something about how I damn adore fashion, and as in a wholesome medium, not a trend. It's definitely not enough... Though I'm getting close to that mildly universal closet, speed of a turtle.
Unfortunately, my brain doesn't work much, so I can't do computers, security, go, spirits, retro gaming, TCGs, language, folklore, alchemy, teology, medicine, motors, all the other things that interest me... But I write, draw, make music, design, craft, it's not exactly nothing, wander the internet, it's not exactly boring!
I really love the first two episodes of Kagi no Kakatta Heya!! I really love it anyway, because liking filmmaking aside, I like locksmithing, security and the concrete awkwardness of Enomoto that reminds me quite a bit of myself, I can say.
For similar reasons maybe Ao no Jidai got to me.
I am very involved in transformative fiction, not the "community", the effect itself: it seems to be very closely knitted in my life, always was.
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