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I am no good with fanfic. I live it, but write it?? Strange and mystifying poems or impressionistic drabbles, usually character studies. And even that little that I find myself capable to do is done in such a way that you can't tell the character, fandom, internal events and exchanges unless you're explained to.
Okay, maybe I could live with heralding such style, surprising others, but I really want to write a very normal slash or character study fic.
And I don't get it - I used to be completely able of that, always writing ow/mf through that mundane waste of time called school.
Now it's kind of like I can only channel, not think.
...So in order to try normal fickery, I plan to make Gokaiger my shipping pool. Not very good, but not awful, has pirates and a really good enviroment for own input (even more so if your mind's typically in the gutter, or worse, a girl's). And that's why I should now complete it and then even rewatch it; soon as I end.
After that I'm pretty sure I should be able to write the things I'm already looking forward to: GokaiGalleon x Hakase, Hakase x Gai, Gai x Hakase, Joe x Gai, Joe x Marvelous, Marvelous x Joe, Marvelous Hakase, Zangyack x Joe... e-ehm. Loooads of introspections, blue mood, them just doing stupid things, some stories for the kaijin, peace, OTxness, because Gokaiger is confusing...
Well, here it is, I'm officially not to be spoken of loudly..!
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