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I couldn't care less about Arashi (not my kind of music), but thanks to Japan's weird ways of making pop musicians act, I had the opportunity to enjoy them in some a/v works.
And honestly, to an extent the experience really stayed with me; or rather, Ohno is perfect in ..unexpressive roles. Japan's found its typecast. Almost to my surprise, Sakurai's acting is vaguely unforgetable: whether it's a playful student, strict servant or a downright psychological role, he got himself on the list of people I sometimes observe just to imitate for the scary spark. - The big part though, is Matsumoto.
It took me unenthusiastically seeing several of his parts. It took me that long to notice - that he is unexpectedly a damn good actor. Yeah, well, when I finally realised that, my jaw dropped. (I thought I could tell that kind of thing right away; if it's me.)
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